You work diligently to provide customers with accurate, consistent and persuasive information, since incorrect or out-of-date details can have significant impacts on your profitability and customer experience.

Stibo Systems’ Master Data Management solution, STEP, helps travel and hospitality businesses increase profit and customer loyalty by centralizing all of their information such as supplier, ingredient, brand, and recipe and location data, then synchronizing it across multiple touchpoints.


Improve customer experience

Today’s digitally savvy consumers want access to consistent information whether they’re browsing your website via laptop or mobile, visiting your physical location, or interacting with your customer service representatives. The STEP platform enables:

  • A single version of the truth for all of your data and digital assets
  • Synchronization between all internal and external systems
  • Timely, relevant information sales information for customers

Centrally manage ingredients, recipes and menus

STEP allows you to ensure quality and consistency across multiple franchises, brands and restaurant locations by centralizing your food information. It enables you to trace ingredients from their raw origins to your customers’ plate while ensuring compliance measures are being met.

The solution also helps you introduce new recipes and menu items faster by applying automation and structure to your processes.


Optimize promotions and merchandising

Your business demands a high level of visual appeal to generate sales. The STEP platform includes digital asset management solution to help you easily manage and update your most valuable selling tools, including:

  • Digital site, room and location images
  • Video and audio files
  • Microsoft Office documents
  • PDFs, reference guides and important paperwork


Create travel packages and bundles

STEP enables you to structure and link all your data and assets, allowing you to easily create appealing travel packages, vacation options and excursion bundles. The solution then seamlessly makes that information available to your customer-facing web, print and social channels, enabling nearly endless up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. 


Reduce costs and risk

A repository for all product information eliminates costly process inefficiencies and reduces the amount of time your employees will spend gathering and updating data. STEP will also help you incur fewer compensation payments due to incorrect information on your website or collateral production errors.

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